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This past week has been full of new thrilling development for Elijah. I find myself smiling over the memories now, so I figured I had better write them down so I can smile over them again and again in years to come.

Elijah can now point to his nose and hair when asked where they are. Sometimes he can also grab his ears if we ask where they are.

He also can pick John and me out in photos and points to us in the photo if we ask “where’s Mommy?” or “where’s Daddy?”

He LOVES to grab our attention by throwing his hands onto his head as if to say “oh no!” In fact, whenever anyone says “oh no,” he will do this. It’s currently EVERYONE’S favorite trick.

If you ask Elijah to dance, now, he will  sway back and forth. It’s adorable! I have also caught him dancing when he doesn’t know anyone is looking.

Yesterday, I was trying to make a list on a piece of paper, and Elijah kept trying to grab it away from me, so I decided to give him his own paper. However, first, I drew a picture of a dog on it. When I gave it to him, he pointed to it and said “dog.” Brilliant.

Elijah has also developed a fondness for balloons. Yesterday afternoon, he spent about 30 minutes going through his books looking for pictures of balloons. He managed to find the red balloon in Goodnight Moon all on his own. He also found balloons in a few other books, which he kept putting in my lap to read. As soon as we’d get to the part about balloons, he’d put another book in my lap.

Now, this one is my favorite. Yesterday evening, I was cooking dinner, and John was holding Elijah. As they came over to the stove to see what I was doing, I heard Elijah say what I thought was “mama.” John corrected me and told me he was saying “nah-nah” and pointing to the bananas (just behind me). We gave him a “nah-nah,” and he ate the whole thing!

His vocabulary has exploded over the past week, too. Adding to what I listed around his birthday, he now says cheese, bubble, balloon and banana. He has also started using the signs for more and milk fairly consistently. He still uses the sign for all done, but I don’t think he fully grasps its meaning.


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Happy Birthday, My Sweet Baby Boy Tired of Cereal

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