Happy Birthday, My Sweet Baby Boy

March 30, 2012 at 11:01 PM Leave a comment

Around 3:30 AM tomorrow morning will mark one year since I went into labor, and at 4:37 PM CST, Elijah will officially be one year old.

I know all parents say it, but really, how has a year passed already? How did my little 8 pound 6 ounce newborn transform so quickly into a 25 pound crawling, babbling, joke-making, hug-giving, dog- and food-loving toddler? Those nights of endless feedings and days spent covered in puddles of spit up seem so long ago and yet like they were yesterday. I only just (finally) packed away Elijah’s burp cloths. They had been so much a part of his life for the first seven months that it took me another 4 months to realize we were not going to need them any longer.

We are far from having everything figured out as parents, but boy, have we come a long way. We gave in to many things we said we would never do as parents, but you know what? I think we are better for it. I am not ashamed to admit that Elijah has been sleeping in our bed for the past month. It gives all of us a chance to sleep, and if I fought it and tried to get him in bed night after night until a new habit was formed, I would be a zombie at work. Yes, he kicks us and has fits sometimes in his sleep (thank you, endless teething), but we also get to spend hours cuddled up to the little boy we are so sad to have to leave during the day.

He has come a long way, too. In the past month, he has learned to be more independent. He has lessened the amount of crying he does during pick up and drop off at his in-home care provider’s house. (It used to be heart-wrenching.) Now he waves bye-bye to her. He even smiles when I mention her nickname, Nini (given to her by the little ones she watches).

Elijah is a wonderful blessing, and I cannot imagine life without him. I cannot imagine not hearing his dinosaur imitations (which I had to explain to Nini when she told me “um, he growls at the other children” hah!), looking at his toothy grin, smelling his little boy smell, touching his soft hair (and sharp nails!), and sharing his dinnertime meals (he sure does love to share!).

And for my own record, at one year, Elijah says the following words:

dog (dah with a soft g)
night night (nah-nah)
moo (mmmm)

He also understands these words without a doubt

tooth juice (ibuprofen)
hi (he waves every time you say hi)
bye bye (he also waves for bye bye)

If I think of any more, I will come back and edit this list!


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