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I took Friday off as part of my new 9/80 schedule, which means I work nine 9-hour days followed by one full day off. (Yes, that’s 81 hours, so I actually work eight 9-hour days and one 8-hour day followed by a day off.) Having that day off was wonderful. It was a small taste of our old routine when we were together every day.

Friday, we became members of the zoo. It was a steal! For $54 (thank you, military discount), we are able to go anytime we want for the next 13 months. A great added benefit of zoo membership is that we can enter at 7:30 in the morning, and the general public cannot enter until 9. Having a little one who wakes rather early in the morning, this is perfect – especially as the heat of summer is rapidly approaching.

I honestly do not remember what we did on Saturday, but I know we were mostly go go go all weekend. Sunday was the busiest. We went to breakfast with John’s mom and step dad, came home for a little bit and then headed to church. After church, we had lunch with John’s dad’s side of the family. Then we headed home for a quick change, back to John’s dad’s to borrow a tree trimmer, out to the park to take pictures in the bluebonnets, to the mall to pick up a quick gift for Elijah’s birthday, to Carter’s to get some summer clothes, to HEB for the week’s groceries and finally we got home around 5. Then, John worked on trimming the oak in our backyard while I attempted to start cooking dinner. Unfortunately, I felt sick, and John stepped in and made our dinner, which turned out very yummy!

Just after 10 PM last night, someone rang our doorbell repeatedly, which of course made Beni bark and irritated both John and me as we worried that it would wake Elijah. We were about to get in bed, but John went downstairs to see who would actually ring a doorbell at 10 PM. It was our neighbor across the street. Apparently, he got a piece of our mail and he thought we might need it at 10 PM. (Seriously?) Ugh.

I finally fell asleep after 11, woke in the middle of the night to get Elijah (he has started sleeping with us…bad idea, I know, but I need sleep) and then got up for the day at 5:40.



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