We Won’t Miss Pt. 2

May 13, 2011 at 9:00 PM 1 comment

Welcome to the weather edition of what we won’t miss…

We won’t miss the bitter winter cold. We’re not Rochester, MN, but boy howdy does it get nippy here in the winter. It wouldn’t be so bad if it warmed up above freezing, but we’ll see multiple weeks pass by without breaking freezing. That is enough to make a Texan go crazy and start wearing weather inappropriate clothing.

We won’t miss shoveling the sidewalk or having to clear our car of snow and ice before work. Shoveling snow is hard work. Enough said.

We won’t miss the darkness of the winter months. In December, it gets to a point where the sun has completely set and it’s pitch black by 4 PM. The sun also doesn’t come up until after 8 AM. That’s less than 8 hours of daylight, folks. It can be depressing.

We won’t miss the gray, misty winter weather. It is one thing to have cold temperatures but for it to also be sunny. However, a typical German winter lends itself to very few sunny days. We can go weeks (that’s not an exaggeration) without seeing the sun. One more weather complaint…

We won’t miss the lack of thunderstorms. I bet you we have had less than 10 storms in the past 3 years that involved thunder. And those storms were nowhere near on par with the nasty Texas storms that roll through in the summertime. I love a good Texas thunderstorm.


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  • 1. Mom in High Heels  |  May 15, 2011 at 3:41 PM

    Interestingly, we’re having a whopper of a thunderstorm in HD right now!


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