We Won’t Miss Pt. 1

May 12, 2011 at 2:00 PM 1 comment

Although we have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Germany, there are a few things that we won’t miss (and certainly there’s a thing or two we won’t miss about being in the military). In honor of the day we fly back to Texas, I’m beginning our series of what we won’t miss. If you’re reading this, we’re already on our way to Texas!

We won’t miss the lack of Southern hospitality. There is nothing like walking down the street in Texas and waving at random people passing by, nodding hello and the general friendliness of people you run into while out and about. We have really missed that here and cannot wait to be welcomed back to Texas by all the strangers we will pass on the street.

We won’t miss the lack of hot days. In Germany, it’s a hot day if it hits the upper 70s. In Texas, that’s a nice breezy day. We won’t miss the inability to wear flip flops most of the year. We won’t miss the very short outdoor swimming season.

We won’t miss the lack of air conditioning. On those few days that do get up there in temperature, there’s nowhere to go to escape the heat. We set up our bedroom as “the cave” during the summer months. We never open the blinds, our portable A/C is always running (and can barely provide enough air to cool one room) and that is our escape.

We won’t miss living on post. Had it been up to us, we would have chosen to live on the economy and immerse ourselves in the local culture. We would have learned far more German, had better living conditions and overall been happier. We would not have had to deal with endless Army politics even at home. We would not have had to deal with neighbors who never grew up and learned to be responsible.

We won’t miss stairwell living or the thin walls of our apartment. We have heard all sorts of intimate details of our neighbors’ lives from fights to shunned children to the more private matters of the bedroom. We won’t miss knowing a little too much about our neighbors’ private lives.

We won’t miss the Armed Forces Network (AFN), our sole source for television. We do not get regular commercials on there – it’s all PSAs for the military on things ranging from military history to don’t drink and drive. We won’t miss the season-old shows they choose to air, either. However, we may or may not miss our weekend morning programming of Mythbusters, Top Gear and the like.

We won’t miss the lengthy shipping times we face, especially during Christmastime. It’s always hit or miss as to whether our gifts will make it to their destinations by Christmas Day. This year, my gift to John arrived a week late. Bummer.

We will not miss the lack of shops open late into the evening. Most stores around here close by 6. There are a few that stay open until 8 or 9, but that’s a real novelty. I am always amazed by the late store hours when we visit the States.


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  • 1. SimplySarahJ  |  May 12, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    Yay for coming back to Texas!!


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