His Lips Are Sealed

August 3, 2009 at 3:53 PM 4 comments

I’m taking a break from “Not Me!” Monday as John and I gear up for our 2.5 week long trip to the States. I don’t think you understand how excited we are.

To try to focus my attention on something else momentarily, this blog has nothing to do with our trip. We leave on Wednesday. Ugh, see? I can only think about it. I’m done writing about the trip for today. For real.

Thanks to my wonderful husband, I recently discovered that I missed out on one of life’s simple pleasures/crazy mysteries as a child. I never played with corn starch and water, nor did I know what happened when you combined these two ingredients. Has anyone else out there not done this? John wanted to remedy this problem right away, so he brought me a bowl with both ingredients, and I was amazed. Actually, I laughed manically while poking and jiggling the weird goo. It was incredibly fun.

Yes, I also still color in coloring books, preferably featuring Disney characters. So what?

One other story that begs to be told — probably not by me though, I’m not a great storyteller — is that of the secret Béni kept from us on Saturday night.

John and I were enjoying watching X-Men 2 on TV (it’s a rarity when AFN has decent programming), and John decided to ask Béni for a kiss. Béni will always indulge this wish; he loves giving kisses. However, he refused this time which puzzled both of us. After several attempts to get Béni to kiss him, I called Béni over to see if he’d give me kisses. All I managed to get out of him was a quick dab with the tip of his tongue on my cheek — or maybe it was his wet nose, I dont’ know.

I gave John a befuddled look and then I heard it – the softest metal “clink.” Without a moment’s hesitation, I opened Béni’s mouth and was only slightly surprised to find a Miller Lite beer cap in his mouth. I’m really glad he didn’t choke! He must have snatched it off the corner of the coffee table – sigh, nothing is safe anymore!

I hope everyone has a great week, and we hope to see many of you stateside in the next week or two. Hurray!
(Ok, so I mentioned it once more, give me a break.)



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  • 1. purejoy  |  August 3, 2009 at 5:52 PM

    ummm cornstarch and water. . . what, watery cornstarch?? i give up. but yes, coloring in disney coloring books is cool. but only if it is the princess one. or the little mermaid. or finding nemo. oh, heck they’re all good. except i draw the line at pocohontas. yes, she was a good role model (one of the few disney babes who didn’t need a man to make it in life!) and she’s ethnic!
    but i freaking digress.
    what’s new?
    have a blast on your trip! hopefully they won’t be giving béni any miller light while he’s learning bad manners up on the couch. can you just see him? lounging on the couch, a beer in one paw. . . and the remote in the other! (be careful, beer gas is the WORST!!)


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