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July 20, 2009 at 10:37 AM 3 comments

I cannot beleive it has been a month since I last posted a “Not Me!” Monday! With that, I begin my brutally honest confessions about what I have not been up to recently. Head over to MckMama‘s blog, My Charming Kids, to see what others have not been up to this week.


All of these things have not happened since 10 PM last night.

John and I had just turned off the lights and were eager to get to sleep since we both had early mornings today. Within 2 minutes of turning off the lights, we did not hear a sounds like liquid pouring onto our hardwood floor. We did not scramble for a light, and when the lights were turned on, we did not witness our dear sweet almost 6-month-old puppy peeing ALL over our bedroom floor.

Béni did not  pee on his bed, my backpack, my bedside rug, and in 3 large puddles in front of our bed. Nope, that did not  happen. And since that did not happen, I did not have to get out of bed, sop up the pee with paper towels, douse the floor in vinegar to cover the smell, mop the floor, put my backpack in the washing machine, or use Resolve on the rug (it’s dry clean only, but I give up). Oh, and his bed is most certainly not in the dumpster now.

The beginning to our bedtime was not at all indicative of the rest of my night’s sleep.

A plane did notfly low over post around 11:30 PM that made my mind conjure up scary images like post getting bombed. After the plane flew over, I did not see a flash and actually think we might be getting bombed. I am not that neurotic.

I was not woken up around 4 AM to our portable A/C making crazy noises that kept me up until around 5:30 AM.

Béni’s snoring did notkeep me awake, nor did my fear that he would pee all over everything again. Every time I heard our portable A/C drain water, I did not for even just a minute think Béni was peeing again.

A firetruck did not park right in front of our building with it’s lights on in response to an emergency call around 5:15 AM. The firefighters did not talk so loudly that I became extremely irritated.

The bird outside our window who wakes me up every day around 5 AM did not chirp this morning and add to my aggravation.

John did not hit snooze multiple times on his alarm, again causing me to stay awake. I did not get frustrated by this either. When my alarm when off, I did not also hit snooze 3 times. Pot. kettle. black. I know. (I love you, honey.)

On my walk to work, I did not write this post in my head and think about how amusing all of this is in retrospect. I am also not longing for a Dr. Pepper to get me through the day already. I have already had a coffee and that should be is sufficient.

So, as you can see, I did not have a terrible night’s sleep. I am, of course, fully rested and ready to start the week.

Oh, and on the topic of sleep, I found this quote and had to share because I think it’s amusing: “A professor is one who talks in someone else’s sleep” – W.H. Auden



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  • 1. purejoy  |  July 20, 2009 at 12:50 PM

    ohhhh been there done that. we had a lab, too. their bladders are alarmingly large. heck i have three weiner dogs. THEIR bladders are completely out of proportion with the rest of their bodies!!
    well, looking for the blessing here, it could have been doggie runny doody. that would have be awful. and all of those sleep killers could have been spread out over a week and you’d be logging a week of bad sleep!!
    i know, you want to shoot me know, but a) you’re distracted from how tired and sleep-deprived you are now, and b) you’re so looking forward to going to be tonite that you don’t have time to shoot me!
    have a delicious nite sleep tonite!

  • 2. Michelle  |  July 20, 2009 at 4:24 PM

    Oh man! It’s good none of that happened because that would have been rough!!!! 😉 I’m glad you made it through and find humor in it now 🙂

    Ok, on a related note to being kept awake due to a plane flying low over head and thinking you’re getting bombed…. I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress all semester (and now in the summer), and sometimes I will move in my sleep and it will make my bed shake and then it will wake me up freaking out that there is an earthquake… LOL. I am extremely neurotic about thinking any tiny amount of shaking is an earthquake. YAY CALIFORNIA!

  • 3. Veronica  |  July 21, 2009 at 12:29 AM

    haha wow! what a night. so sorry you guys! but now, the week is just wound to get better, so that’s good!

    oh and totally understandable that you want to wait til you’re back in the states…you def need family and friends for support w/ a baby 🙂


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