Couch Potatoes

March 5, 2009 at 11:05 AM 2 comments

I have joined John on the couch. After 2 days of non-stop cleaning and stress about various other things (see yesterday’s post), I wound up with a massive headache today. Despite the headache, this morning has been nice. We have just relaxed on the couch and watched HGTV. We also have some great shows on DVR to catch up on: Secret Life of the American Teenager (our guilty pleasure), Biggest Loser and Lost. We are also going through season 1 of Ugly Betty here and there and plan to watch Heroes when we get a chance. Wow, we sound like big TV junkies, but I promise we’re not. We usually watch 1-1.5 hours of TV a day when we’re not feeling like junk.


As is the norm now on Thursdays, this post is part of “Hi/Lo Thursday” on the Riggs Family Blog. Check out their blog to read everyone else’s “Hi/Lo” posts and get your link on their site.


  • Getting a lot done the past 2 days
  • Coming up with a potential name for our puppy
  • Catching up on much-needed sleep the 2nd half of this week
  • Seeing the weather get up into the 50s a couple times this week (for the first time in MONTHS!)
  • Going bowling last weekend with John…in the 10th frame, he missed a turkey by one pin (aka he bowled 2 strikes and 9 pins)!


  • John NOT getting a turkey in the 10th frame…
  • John being sick
  • Having a headache today šŸ˜¦
  • Being overwhelmed and stressed about cleaning, school, a potential job, etc etc etc…
  • Seeing the exchange rate go up, which is bad for us, because John gets paid less

– Sarah


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  • 1. Melissa Multitasking Mama  |  March 5, 2009 at 2:33 PM

    Isn’t it nice when the weather starts to change? I love it, too!

    • 2. osarah  |  March 5, 2009 at 2:46 PM

      Yes! Especially when it changes to sunnier weather. Fall and winter here is full of clouds, rain, fog and more rain.


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