Sleepless in Germany

March 4, 2009 at 3:20 PM 2 comments

For the past 3 nights, I have not been able to get to sleep for hours, and even when I do sleep, it’s that unrestful sleep where you feel like you’re still awake. Yuck!

I think my sleepless nights are in large part a product of stress. I have a lot to get done around our apartment before my parents come, I have some major papers and books to read before March 24 (when my 2 classes start), John is sick, and I’m looking at some employment opportunities. (Yes, potentially a job, but that’s all I’m talking about it until I know more.)

All of this adds up to an inordinate amount of stress that keeps my mind reeling at night. After trying to fall asleep for an hour last night, I got up and wrote a list a page long of everything that needs to be done by Friday night. On the back of the paper, I wrote today’s grocery list. I couldn’t believe I was trying to remember all that in my little head! (Ok, so my head is actually rather large, but that’s not the point.)

Also, we might have decided on a name for our puppy, so maybe after our next visit to see him, we’ll reveal his name. Until then, it’s going to remain a mystery to our readers.

Speaking of our readers, how are you? If you’re lucky enough to have a spring break this year, what are your plans for the break? We really do want to hear what’s going on with you!

– Sarah


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