Missed your midterms & flunked shampoo!

February 27, 2009 at 11:47 AM Leave a comment

What’s a girl to do when she has no car and is going to be home alone for 10 hours? Play beauty parlor, of course!

I haven’t experimented with make up or hairstyles in a long time, so when I faced another long day home alone yesterday, I pulled out the set of hot rollers I bought for my mom when she visits and decided to “test them out.” I don’t think I have ever put hot rollers in my hair before. My mom has done it for me at least once — on my wedding day (to get my hair prepped for the hair stylist), but I hadn’t attempted it. I sat down and read all the instructions first. Even if they had silly directions, I wanted to know everything the people at Conair had to say about using their product.

I could NOT decide if they were heated up (even after reading the directions), so I may have let them heat a bit longer than normal. Apparently some red light was supposed to turn white or clear, but I never saw that happen even after 10-15 minutes of heating.

The entire process took about 45 minutes, and wow…my hair was curly. I didn’t use the different sized rollers correctly and ended up with Shirley Temple-like curls around my face and very loose, large curls in the back. I wanted John to see what I had done to my hair but 1) it was going to be hours until he got home and I needed my hair to hold and 2) I didn’t want him to see it as crazy as it looked when I first took my hair down. Solution? Pulling half my hair up.

Overall, the curlers worked great (they’re the ceramic curlers with ionic core and heated clips, by the way) but I need some more practice in order to make my hair look nice. Regardless, here are a couple photos of my attempt:



In case you missed the reference, the subject of this post is from the song Beauty School Drop-Out in Grease.


I have been looking forward to the weekend for days because we were planning on visiting our puppy. Unfortunately, we called today and it’s not going to work for them so we have to wait…big bummer.  Now what do we do with our weekend? No more beauty parlor…


Last Saturday was Marcia and Stefan’s engagement party. Two of the guys at the party organized an elaborate toast to the couple involving guitars, Disney, The Proclaimers and a sing-a-long. Today’s totally irrelevant video is a short clip from the sing-a-long:

Before this clip, we all sang A Whole New World from Disney’s Aladdin. The sing-a-long was properly concluded with a toast to the happy couple. Congratulations, Stefan & Marcia!

– Sarah


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