Two…Two…Blast Off!

February 21, 2009 at 3:31 PM Leave a comment

WordPress just announced that blogs can now have threaded comments. What this means is that you can now reply directly to the post OR to someone else’s previous comment. I think that’s pretty cool stuff. I really liked that feature when I blogged on LiveJournal (2002-2006). I have turned the feature on for our blog, and comments can now be “nested” 4 deep. In other words, someone can make a comment, and up to three other comments can be made in response to that one comment.


Today is Marcia and Stefan’s engagement party! Yay! You may remember their names from earlier this week when I blogged about their help translating for us when we went to visit the lab breeder.

Tonight, we’ll celebrate their engagement with a dinner party at the Haus. Apparently Diane is expecting around 40 people, so there will be quite a crowd! Maybe I’ll even bring my camera…


I love today’s installment of totally irrelevant videos. The two clips were taken during one of our Christmas celebrations in December. My youngest niece likes to sit on her dad’s chest and play rocket ship. She’ll sit there and say “two” repeatedly until he participates. It’s super cute, especially in the second clip, where she is trying to roll my brother over in order to sit on his stomach.

Also, she just turned 2 yesterday, so happy birthday, B!

– Sarah


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