For the Birds

February 20, 2009 at 3:13 PM Leave a comment

As I was doing dishes this morning, I noticed some of the birds are starting to return, and last night, we were surprised to hear some birds singing as the sun was setting. Unless you have lived somewhere that spends more than half the year in a winter-like climate, you probably have no idea how exciting this is for us.

Yes, it’s still cold. There’s still snow on the ground. In fact, we had some showers of ice pellets this morning. However, the birds are coming back! That means spring isn’t too far away (probably another month before we see much of a temperature increase, but I can handle that)!

Though it was 35 at lunch time, I met John at the car while only donning jeans, a long sleeved shirt and Pumas. That’s right, no coat! No gloves! No scarf! Hurray!

This weekend is already starting off right. We also finally got a package from my parents that we have been expecting for about 6 weeks. In was two new picture frames to hang on our wall. One was given to us from my grandmother for Christmas, and we bought the other at Bed Bath & Beyond while we were home in December. I’m desperate for wall decor, especially in our bedroom, so I’m thrilled about this (if you couldn’t tell already).


Also, we have a new “totally irrelevant video” today. A search that hit our blog yesterday inspired me to add this to our blog today. Someone was looking for the “Garmish yodeler.” I actually have some video of a man who is a yodeler in Garmisch! I wonder if this is who that person was searching for…

If this doesn’t skew your view of Germany, I don’t know what will. Most of Germany is NOT like this, though scenes like this seem to be much more prevalent of Bavaria. I tend to say Bavaria:Germany::Texas:US. Anyone agree?

It sure sounds like he’s saying “hold a radio” when he yodels! I love it!

– Sarah


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