Honeymoon Part 2

September 7, 2008 at 10:04 PM 2 comments

So I left off on the Tuesday during our honeymoon, I think. I believe I said we watched The Devil Wears Prada on Monday, night, but that was actually Tuesday night when we ordered wine and cheese via room service.

Sigh, I miss room service.

However, I did have a WONDERFUL surprise this Saturday when I woke up. John let me sleep in and woke me around 10 (that’s very late for us). He led me to the kitchen table, which he had cleaned and set with our nice linens. He had filled one of our pitchers with our delicious V8 Spalsh Berry Blend, set two sets of glasses for each place and he baked blueberry muffins, mmm! He served them warm, wrapped in a cloth inside our Wilton Armetale bowl. That was such a great surprise and treat!!

So, back to the honeymoon. Tuesday morning we had the breakfast buffet at Spice and then hit up the beach. We had lunch at Pelicanos. That afternoon, we took the ferry to Cozumel. We both felt so nauseous on the ride over there, it was terrible. Neither of us looked forward to the ride back. Once we were in Cozumel, though, we walked around, and eventually ended up getting an early dinner at Carlos ‘n Charlies. I had never eaten there before, so that was fun (and loud). It was crazy to see all the HUGE cruise ships docked in Cozumel, too. I had never seen a cruise ship in person before.

Once we got back to our resort in Playa del Carmen, we didn’t feel like doing anything, which is why we rented The Devil Wears Prada and had a wine and cheese night in.

On Wednesday, I woke up feeling really sick. John had not been feeling well before the wedding, but started feeling better by the rehearsal dinner. I didn’t catch it until Wednesday. I stayed in bed all morning, and John was awesome. He went to get me medicine from the Pharmacy and picked me up a mocha frappucino at Starbucks on his way back! Then, we ordered room service for breakfast in bed. Yum. That was so nice since I didn’t feel well.

That afternoon, I wanted to get out, so I toughed up and we went out to the beach again, and we decided to go parasailing! I was nervous about it, but I’m so glad we did it. It was so much fun! The water was really pretty, and it was neat to see everything from so high up.

The rest of the afternoon, we just relaxed on the beach and enjoyed a few drinks. My favorite was the Banana Mama, which was a banana/rum drink. So yummy. The beach butler (beachler, if you will) came by with frozen, sugar-coated grapes that had been soaked in tequila. Wow. After that, we went down to the swim up bar to get another Banana Mama, and another few people started talking to us. That ended up being the first time John introduced me as his wife. We were both excited about that.

That night, we had dinner at Maria Marie (again, so yummy) and rented The Holiday.

Ok…more later! Enjoy the pictures!

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  • 1. thedailychelle  |  September 8, 2008 at 5:18 PM

    All inclusive hotels are so amazing! I did that once in undergrad and judging from the pictures I’ve seen of your trip… your resort was way nicer than mine, and I thought mine was amazing! And I’m pretty sure I did not have free movies or room service. That sounds like such a perfect vacation!

  • 2. Clare  |  September 10, 2008 at 5:09 PM

    I love the towel art! The hotel/beach/pools look amazing. I want to go!


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