Wedding Part 1

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Well it took longer than expected to get our internet connected, and hopefully it will be up and running by the end of the day. We really want to get caught up on things and see our wedding pictures!! For now, I am (again) “stealing” the neighbor’s wireless connection.

Before we let any more time pass, we wanted to take this opportunity to write about our wedding. Again, we want to thank everyone for coming and helping to make it such a special time for us.

We are going to split this entry up to tell Sarah’s day up until the ceremony and then John’s. We will conclude with writing about the ceremony through the rest of the evening together


I honestly don’t remember if I had breakfast…I don’t think I did. I just remember waking up and having to figure out how to get my hair into rollers. The hair stylist requested that I curl it in the morning since she was going to curl it too, and that would help my hair keep the curl all night. I am lost when it comes to curling my hair, but luckily, my mom was able to get my hair into the rollers for me.

At 11:15, we went to my bridesmaids’ luncheon at Cappy’s, which was hosted by my sister. She made place cards for everyone using photos of me with each person to designate their place. My place card was a photo of me with all my bridesmaids. We had a great lunch, but I didn’t have much of an appetite. Stephanie’s husband’s mom made some cookies for dessert, and they were fantastic. We had to leave from the lunch around 12:45 so that Morgan could take me home, I could change into jeans and my “bride” tank top and we could get to the hair salon. We arrive a little late for my 1:30 appointment, but my stylist, Brooke, did a great job of getting me in and out. We left just about 2:30 to get to the church, and I think we made record time getting there. As soon as I walked in, the make up lady started on my make up. The photographers and videographer arrived just in time to shoot/film the end of my make up session.

I was so excited to get John’s wedding gift to him (the guitar he had been wanting so badly), and Laura took it over around 3:45. Apparently he was pretty surprised that I got him the guitar. I was glad, because I am not very good at keeping secrets from him, and this was a big secret! Shortly after I had Laura drop off his gift, he sent my gift over. The envelope with his gift instructed me to open the card first, which I did. He wrote me a very sweet note, and midway through, the note instructed me to open my gift. I had sneaked a peek at what was written below and started to cry. I opened the gift as quickly as I could and saw a beautiful diamond necklace with three diamond drops coming down from it. In John’s note, he wrote that the top diamond was from my grandmother’s wedding ring (my maternal grandmother’s), the middle diamond was from his grandmother’s wedding ring (his paternal grandmother’s), and the bottom diamond was a new one for me. I did my best not to ruin my make up, but I was definitely choked up. I remember everyone telling me to look up and blink a lot to keep from crying.

Another thing I want to mention is when we came back in from our pre-ceremony photographs (the ones with my family and with my bridesmaids). I was SO hot that I rejected the idea of taking more photographs. I came inside and sat down on a chair with the train of my dress going over the back of the chair. My mom and some of my bridesmaids ended up turning the skirt of my dress into a parachute and fanned me by pulling the ends up and down around me. It was hilarious…I wish there were photos (actually I think one of my bridesmaids did catch it…Catherine, maybe?), but I know there is video of it.

I did get a bit nervous right before the ceremony when everyone had to say goodbye to go down the aisle before me. When the music started playing, I was just like “wow.” I was so excited for them to whip open the doors to the sanctuary and to see John. I was not prepared for my reaction, though! I smiled the whole way down the aisle and was so happy, but I was also starting to cry, so I was doing this funny smile/laugh/cry thing. (Luckily I stopped by the time the processional was over!)

John’s part to follow…


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